Eligibility Requirements

The FLEX Program competition is free and open for anyone willing to take part. No preliminary registration is required. In order to participate in testing in 2018, participants have to meet the following criteria:

  • Date of birth: 01.01.2002 - 15.07.2004;
  • Be a student of the 8th ,9th or 10th grade;
  • Know English;
  • Be a citizen of Ukraine;
  • Meet the J-1 visa requirements.
  • Not having stayed in the USA for three (3) months or more during the past five (5) years.

Students may not participate if:

  • he/she does not meet the above criteria;
  • he/she has stayed in the USA for three (3) months or more during the past five (5) years;
  • his/her family ( or member of family):
    -  has applied or is applying to emigrate to the USA;
    -  has made plans to emigrate or has already emigrated to the USA.

For the testing you will need:

  • Birth certificate (original);

  • Privacy Policy Agreement signed by the participant and at least one parent. Each participant should bring 2 copies of this document, signed, to the testing. PLEASE NOTE: Students without this document will not be allowed to participate in the testing!

  • photo 3x4 (taken in 2018);

  • a pen.

Applicants are advised to test in the Testing Center nearest to their place of residence. If applicants miss the testing date in the nearest Testing Center, they may test in any remaining Testing Center. Any participant who tries to take tests in more than one Test Center will be disqualified!

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